Adverse reactions of corticosteroids

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Severe vaccine reactions Severe vaccine reaction This is not a regulatory term. It refers to vaccine reactions that usually do not result in long-term problems, but can be disabling and, rarely, life threatening. Severe reactions include serious reactions but also include other severe reactions. include, among others,  seizures Seizure Uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain, resulting in convulsion, physical signs, thought disturbances, or a combination of symptoms. , thrombocytopenia Thrombocytopenia A severe decrease in the number of blood platelets, the cells involved in clotting. Thrombocytopenia may stem from failure of platelet production, splenic sequestration of platelets, increased platelet destruction, increased platelet utilization, or dilution of platelets. , hypotonic hypo­res­pon­si­ve episodes (HHE) Hypotonic hyporesponsive episode (HHE) A recognized serious reaction to immunization, especially pertussis-containing vaccine. It is defined as an acute loss in sensory awareness or loss of consciousness accompanied by pallor and muscle hypotonicity. No long-term sequelae have been identified in the small number of children who have had long term follow-up. HHE is not a contraindication for further doses of pertussis vaccine. and prolonged crying, which all need to be reported. Most severe vaccine reactions do not lead to long-term problems. Anaphylaxis, while potentially fatal, is treatable without leaving any long-term effects.

I am responding to your msg about having a rash on your arms after getting the shingles shot. THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! I went back to the pharmacy and told him that I thought I was having a reaction to the vaccine and was told since it was not at the injection site, (and no one else has reported this type of reaction), it was just probably allergy and that I should take Benadryl. I had the shot on 4/17/16 and I am just getting rid of the rash (5/11/16). I HAD A BLISTERY, ITCHY, RASH, that looked a lot like poison ivy. These reactions need to be somehow documented

Adverse reactions of corticosteroids

adverse reactions of corticosteroids


adverse reactions of corticosteroidsadverse reactions of corticosteroidsadverse reactions of corticosteroidsadverse reactions of corticosteroidsadverse reactions of corticosteroids