Anabolic window bullshit

Indianapolis Colts: For the Colts to make an immediate beeline to the playoffs would take some things going right even beyond QB Andrew Luck’s health. It would take an immediate reconsolidation by a defense that, in many ways, is pieced together on the fly without any continuity. It would take a healthy supporting cast around Luck. It would probably require fourth-round rookie Marlon Mack to show some juice and make hay out of Chuck Pagano’s preferred offensive style. That’s a lot of change necessary for a team that hasn’t changed much at all over the four years since it drafted Luck. ( Rivers McCown )

R, bought ‘Engineering the Alpha’ last week, started Phase 1 this week (today’s day 5, on ‘Workout 2), following advice/instructions to the letter….and amazed by this glorious fact: yesterday (zero carb non-workout day) was the first day in 25 years that I did not have to inject myself with insulin! (i’m an insulin dep diabetic who, through your guidance, has begun a loooong overdue ‘reset’ process…btw: even endocrinologists vouch for intermittent fasting and upping one’s insulin sensitivity:)).

Anabolic window bullshit

anabolic window bullshit


anabolic window bullshitanabolic window bullshitanabolic window bullshit