Buff guys steroids

1. Are you trying to lose your beer belly (aka lose weight, the weight coming from fat) or are you trying to build muscle (aka gain weight, the weight coming from muscle)? If you’re caught somewhere in the middle it’s not surprising that you’re neither gaining weight nor losing weight and your body isn’t changing much. Without a calorie deficit your body won’t burn fat very well, and without a calorie surplus your body won’t build muscle very well. I mean some body composition changes will very very slowly take place, but not at a pace that you’d likely notice.

Edward Norton claims that he worked out for three months and ate lots of protein to add the 30 pounds of muscle for the role. We don’t buy it. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger, a close friend of Mr. Norton’s was concerned and had contacted him to ask if he was using anabolic steroids in his preparation for the the film.  American History X ‘s main character Derek Vineyard needed to be a jacked and menacing figure in order to be a terrifying nazi. And, let’s be honest,  if white supremacists all looked like the “before” picture up there, it’d be hard to take racism seriously.

I don’t know or care if they use something but I want to tell everyone something “shocking”. For some time in college I had an African American roommate. He was 19, definitely not into sports, went to the gym occasionally, I think he mentioned he had played football in high school, had some injury and quit. He didn’t care. Very calm and always friendly individual. But, he had huge muscles. To the point he had scars on his chest and shoulders. His head was honestly quite big. Still there is no way in the world I could ever think he had taken anything illegal in his life. It was just the way he was. So not everyone big is on something, remember that.

Buff guys steroids

buff guys steroids


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