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Visual disturbances... Long term use of high dose Prednisone (also 6mp for a period of time) for Crohns and subsequent high dose Prednisone for Pyoderma Gangrenosum has apparently fogged both of my corneas. I'm an Artist and it concerns me. While I'm miles from needing a cornea operation or even noticing any special effects, just to know that I've got visual anomalies is distressing. I also have had transient difficulty with the center of my field of view going blurry after detailed drawing for hours. Similar to macular degeneration - but seeming fine to my eye doctor. My eye doctor also said that seeing what I described can also be a precursor to stroke and should be mentioned to your primary physician immediately... Benefit-risk balance.

Bukalo steroids

bukalo steroids


bukalo steroidsbukalo steroids