Carpal tunnel steroid injection complications

DIABETES - The interaction between carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetes is complicated. It is generally believed that CTS is commoner in diabetic individuals, whether or not there are other diabetic nerve complications. Diabetic patients are prone to a complex of hand problems including Duputren's contracture, trigger digits and stiff fingers - sometimes termed 'diabetic hand' (See the page - The Triad ). It also appears to be the case that diabetic patients get slightly different symptoms from CTS compared to non-diabetic patients. Several studies have found that diabetic patients tend to present with more severe neurophysiological abnormalities, eg (Jenkins 2012) , so multivariate statistics are required to determine whether diabetes itself has an effect on the outcome of surgery.  The existing data is contradictory and as usual many studies are small with inadequate power to do the necessary statistics. The topic has been the subject of a recent review in the Journal of Hand surgery (Brown 2011) . To illustrate the difficulty, consider the following ten papers about 8 study populations:

All of the listed physical exam findings, except for loss of small digit adduction (Wartenberg sign), has been found to be predictive for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Szabo et al in a Level 3 study used a regression model to analyze the most predictive factors for correctly diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Their analysis found that with an abnormal hand diagram, abnormal sensibility by Semmes-Weinstein testing in wrist-neutral position, a positive Durkan's test, and night pain, the probability that carpal tunnel syndrome will be correctly diagnosed is . They found the tests with the highest sensitivity were Durkan's compression test (89%), Semmes-Weinstein testing after Phalen's maneuver (83%), and hand diagram scores (76%). Night pain was a sensitive symptom predictor (96%). The most specific tests were the hand diagram (76%) and Tinel's sign (71%). The authors concluded that the addition of electrodiagnostic tests did not increase the diagnostic power of the combination of these 4 clinical tests, and proceeding with surgical release is appropriate even if the EMG is normal.

Wartenberg sign is persistent abduction and extension of the small digit when a patient is asked to adduct the digits and is seen in cubital tunnel syndrome, but not carpal tunnel syndrome.

Illustration V demonstrate the Durkan's Compression test for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Carpal tunnel steroid injection complications

carpal tunnel steroid injection complications


carpal tunnel steroid injection complicationscarpal tunnel steroid injection complicationscarpal tunnel steroid injection complicationscarpal tunnel steroid injection complicationscarpal tunnel steroid injection complications