Dwayne johnson about steroids

15. In order to bulk up for the role of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman contacted Dwayne Johnson for advice and was told to take in 6,000 calories a day and to “Eat an awful lot of chicken”. – Source

16-20 Dwayne Johnson Facts Image credit: 16. When “Fast Five” was in production, the role of Luke Hobbs was written with Tommy Lee Jones in mind. But when Vin Diesel read a comment on his Facebook page saying it would be cool to see him work with The Rock Dwayne Johnson, they decided to do that instead. – Source

After Central Intelligence , director Rawson Marshall Thurber mentioned a pitch he had for a Dwayne Johnson action pic that would cast the hulking lead as a retired FBI badass who now assesses security levels in very tall buildings. While on assignment in China, Rock's character finds himself being framed for a fire set in the skyscraper, and now he has to race time (and overcome obstacles) to free his name and rescue his family. If it sounds like The Rock's Die Hard , well, it is. But Universal believes enough in the concept to give this one a greenlight , and a juicy summer release date.

Johnson quickly became a hit with wrestling crowds, and in February of 1997 he captured his first WWF championship, making him, at age twenty-four, the youngest wrestler to win a belt. But just a few months later Rocky was being booed during matches. Apparently the fickle audience members were becoming much more interested in rooting for the "bad guys," and in a business where image is everything, Johnson had some rethinking to do. In mid-1997, after suffering a knee injury, he took some time off to recuperate, to marry his longtime girlfriend Dany Garcia, and to strategize.

Dwayne johnson about steroids

dwayne johnson about steroids


dwayne johnson about steroidsdwayne johnson about steroidsdwayne johnson about steroidsdwayne johnson about steroidsdwayne johnson about steroids