Gilenya and high dose steroids

Teva's Copaxone , and Sandoz's Glatopa are both glatiramer products, also a disease-modifying agent for RRMS. Glatopa is a substitutable generic version of Copaxone and only available in the 20 mg/mL dose. The generic agent can save patients thousands of dollars. Common side effects with glatiramer include: injection site reactions, flushing, chest pain, or post-injection reaction (anxiety, chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, throat constriction, flushing). Post injection side effects typically last 15-30 minutes, subside without treatment, and have no known long-term effects.

In addition, the company that makes Gilenya will carry out a study to assess the risk of side effects on the heart and circulation. It must also ensure that all doctors who intend to prescribe Gilenya receive an information pack containing important safety information, including a checklist of the risks with Gilenya and the situations where its use is not recommended. The checklist also includes information on the tests and monitoring that should be carried out in patients before and after starting or when restarting treatment with Gilenya. The pack will also include information on the registry the company will set up to collect data on babies born to women treated with Gilenya, as well as a patient reminder card with key safety information for patients.

Gilenya and high dose steroids

gilenya and high dose steroids


gilenya and high dose steroidsgilenya and high dose steroidsgilenya and high dose steroidsgilenya and high dose steroids