Numbness after epidural steroid injection

Other complications of transforaminal ESI include needle-induced vasospasm. Studies have shown that cerebral arteries constrict in response to mechanical stimuli. Florey 26 noted that such vasoconstriction was a local effect lasting 5 seconds to 10 minutes at the site of injury only. Simeone et al. 27 found that fine needle (30-gauge) arterial puncture in rhesus monkeys induced intense vasospasm, typically lasting anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days. Many studies have examined mechanically induced vasospasm of the cerebral vasculature and may be indirectly suggestive that a similar phenomenon can occur in the spinal cord and conus medullaris.

Not quite the same (as it made more physiological sense in my case). I lost sensation and movement in my right leg below the knee after having DD (called footdrop). Initially I assumed that it was epidural related as the epidural had been the thing to take the sensation away. However it turned out to be a crushed nerve. Rare enough not to be mentioned in pregnancy books, but common enough for consultants to know what it was (though I never was seen by a consultant). They said that it would get better in 6 weeks. It was pretty scary, but it did resolve in 6 weeks. I then had a bit of private physio as I had lost a bit of range of movement. I don't have any long lasting effects from it.

This is awful,and you need to understand that it’s not you. My belief from what you described is there is real damage to you cord, muscles, and nerves at the location. I personally went in for a C4-5 bone graft, and was woke with a C4,5,6,7 cage installation, 2 different neck cuts to access the site, and in pain as if the surgery was still being 4th day of refusing to leave,unable too. On 5th day I was able to stand and walk loaded with alot of IV pain discharged me that evening, 9 days later I barely made it in for visit,4 weeks later i found myself being dismissed when unable to walk, speak, lose control of my urine. In short it was the beginning of nothing else I can do, to i won’t see you again, and had me removed using the police. This was back in Dec3,2013, now I’ve got narrowing of the spinal cord at every level of the c2,3,4,7, now same at the L1,2,3,4,and S1. Since this I’ve been provoked to no pain meds, always u need pain pump,i injections, and suffering until insane. If I had the chance to go back in time, I’d went to assisted living where they had to manage the pain, and rest until I got better. In short I went to Florida, done nothing but rest for 7 months before I got to this point of variable pain. They are slow killing is, and don’t care what you go through as they dont even remember you doctor visits. It was hard to except. My point is, Everytime I listen to them instead of my body, I was just a pitiful mess. You need to get with the best spine people and pray they can fix it, but don’t worry about getting back to normal or even the simplistic things as it will take you back to hell and it takes longer Everytime you have flare it up. I laid like a vegetable for 18 months before I figured it out. Now I’m in bad shape and they are offering only injections, I’m thinking really hard, shame they are not made to get you better. This is what’s going on with society today, they’ll have to answer one day. But you make sure your not stubborn like I was and demand treatment it takes and the proper care. I’m praying for you, and I hope we get this country on the right track again as well as the compassion for others comes back

Numbness after epidural steroid injection

numbness after epidural steroid injection


numbness after epidural steroid injectionnumbness after epidural steroid injectionnumbness after epidural steroid injectionnumbness after epidural steroid injectionnumbness after epidural steroid injection