Punishments for using steroids in baseball

Just looking at the title, “The Therapy Bag” seems like some sort of relaxing new age relaxation technique. In reality, the “Therapy Bag” is actually just a small duffel bag that a Kentucky schoolteacher used to stuff a nine-year-old autistic boy into as punishment. Third-grader Christopher Baker was faced with this inhumane punishment simply for not doing his work. While school officials claim he was in there for no more than 20 minutes , the boy was still tied up tight in the bag when his mom arrived at the school. She was outraged to walk up and see her son calling out for her as he tried to wiggle his way out of the bag. The teachers involved have since been fired and the extremely bizarre punishment prompted a storm of outrage from the local community.

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Your forgetting the difference the understanding of the time. Jessica’s parents had no concept of what we would consider child abuse. To them, this was normal. If we apply todays standards of what child abuse is..then maybe. To use as an example, my bother ( the apple of my father’s eye) left the bird cage open one day, and the cat got the parakeet. My father was furious, and blamed me because I was the oldest child. He was not interested in listening and accused me of being a lying whore just like my mother. He took his belt, and said that he was going to beat the evil jezebell out of me. Needless to say, I was black and blue (was not my father’s favorite child) for weeks. My brother finally admited to what he had done and was rewarded for telling the truth. The point I am trying to make is this..just because someone used a belt as ameans of punishement does not necessarily mean that it is child abuse. Bad judgement yes, child abuse no. It is about understanding standards of the time. In today world, we have a greater understanding of how children think and of what works better to educate and displine them. We also have greater support systems for parents then we ever did before. In todays world, it is not necessary to punish a child by stricking them, because we now know that they do not respond as well to pain as they do to understanding that their actions have consequences.

Punishments for using steroids in baseball

punishments for using steroids in baseball


punishments for using steroids in baseballpunishments for using steroids in baseballpunishments for using steroids in baseballpunishments for using steroids in baseballpunishments for using steroids in baseball