Secosteroid hormone vitamin d3

Before starting the MP, many people may feel that they have improved through consuming vitamin D and taking steroids such as prednisone. In reality, these compounds further inactivate the VDR, preventing the immune system from effectively killing the Th1 pathogens. Since it is the death of these forms of bacteria that generates an increase in painful symptoms, people may experience short-term relief when using vitamin D or prednisone as their immune system shuts down and fewer bacteria are killed. However, in reality, this situation allows the bacteria to spread more easily.

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I’m resending this with edits.
Btw I had really difficult migraines and pain in upper torso. It was debilitating. I learned here that I have a problem with many foods. Including cheeses, anything fermented, so many foods that didn’t bother me everytime I ate them so couldn’t figure out. I’m histamine intolerant. It’s a hard road. I’d like to hear more in that and also I have an auto immune disorder that attacks my joints and organs.
Many people have auto immune stuff.
Please supple the best news in healing for these concerns. Thank you.

Secosteroid hormone vitamin d3

secosteroid hormone vitamin d3


secosteroid hormone vitamin d3secosteroid hormone vitamin d3secosteroid hormone vitamin d3secosteroid hormone vitamin d3secosteroid hormone vitamin d3