Shaz steroids shut down

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  • dlow83
  • 6 years ago
First order from Shaz and definitely not my last! I got 25 shots of Organon Sustanon 250 and 5000 of HCG. Everything came in one piece and looking g2g. Whole process of payment to delivery took 5 days to Canada...WOW! I would recommend using Shaz if your looking for authentic Pharm Grade products.

I done a cyle of sust 250 and deca at the start of this year for 10 weeks. I done the pct i was recommended by the person i got the gear from which was, one shot of hcg 2500 follewed by three weeks of clomid and nolva. He never told me to wait for until the gear had cleared from my system and said that pct should start on the day of last jab. Needless to say it didnt work and once the gear had cleared i crashed bad. I had all the sympthoms depression, foggyness, misery, loss of strength, size, zero libido and the worst of all ED. based on the advice of the same guy I @"waited it out" for a while. A few weeks later and no change I felt like half a man walking around the place.

Shaz steroids shut down

shaz steroids shut down