Side effects of using steroids on skin

Thanks so much for the information on Splenda. I have been a heavy user of Splenda (Coffee, on my Oatmeal, other foods that are enhanced with “sugar”, etc.) I have never had problems with dryness of the mouth or significantly chapped lips. Even when I was in the Korean War and slept in foxholes outside where the temperature at times was 20 to 30 degrees below zero, I did not suffer from chapped lips or dryness of the mouth. Lately however, I have encountered a significant dryness of my lips (to the point of splitting and bleeding)and dryness in the front inside of my mouth. Reacting normally to the dry lips, I have tried practically every lip balm on the market; however, while I have enjoyed temporary relief at times, the dryness has returned like clock work. I have been trying to isolate foods/drinks/alcohol/etc. in my diet in an attempt to pinpoint what might be causing this dryness. I have not been able to identify what has been causing my problem. Now, after reading about Splenda (Sucralose) and reading the testimonies of others, I on this day am removing all Splenda from my diet because it is very possible that with my heavy use of Splenda, I have ingested a significant amount of chlorine. I will monitor any changes in the dryness of my mouth and the chapness of my lips and let you know if there have been any relief. Thanks so much for the information on Splenda.

I was unfortunate one who didn’t pick on signals on biotin. I wish I had never taken this. I am very active and had lost 18 pounds on p90x3 program. I started biotin and guess what I gained back 10 pounds under p90x3 program. I was bloated and didn’t think much of it until ten months later when I started unable to sleep. It became really bad that I couldn’t function. I started having hot flashes and night sweat over night. Doctors couldn’t figure out. Until light bulb went off in my mind Is it biotin? Went online and a lot women were experiencing same symptom as me. I got off April 16 and hot flashes went down in five days. I have been drinking 3 liters of water a day to flush it out of my system. It’s day 13 today and I can say I am sleeping much better. I took it for months so I think it’s going to take a while to get back to normal.

I really enjoyed your information! It is wonderful to find like-minded practitioners out there.
I work for alternative doctors in the Houston TX area and we treat with bioidentical hormones. We find so many women in particular whose hormone production has been interfered with because of birth control pills, tubal ligation, hysterectomy or uterine ablation as well as the environmental factors that put estrogen into male and female bodies and throw them out of balance. We have found people of all ages by the tens of thousands with low hormone levels because either the glands were not functioning properly or had been altered.
Many people’s hormones, such as thyroid, have never been at adequate levels for them to be healthy.
The majority of women’s progesterone levels decline by age 35 because our ovaries have aged and this is the type imbalance that causes all female problems all the way to the cancers.

Side effects of using steroids on skin

side effects of using steroids on skin


side effects of using steroids on skinside effects of using steroids on skinside effects of using steroids on skinside effects of using steroids on skinside effects of using steroids on skin