Skin thinning from steroid cream

~ There are times I know what I am doing is a risk, and this will be a perfect time to try this protective wear out! Working out with weights last week, I left the gym only to see the rope I was pulling over my head w/weights on it must have rubbed my forearms, and left markes!~ So, this is a perfect example as to WHEN to wear this protective playing with our pets! I will post back once I get them and have had a chance to try them out! I am really excited to have something to protect my forearms, as to try out your suggestions as well! Thank you all!

Many people suffer from thinning or easily bruised skin. This condition can be the result of natural aging or a medical condition. Hundreds of medications including blood thinners, allergy medicine and steroids and can cause your skin to bruise or tear easily. Nelson Wear is proud to offer our SKIN GUARDS sleeves which provide an extra layer of protection for those with thin or aging skin. SKIN GUARDS are proudly MADE IN THE USA, block 98% of harmful UV rays and even provide mild compression. The fabric blend will keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature is and our "NO SLIP GRIPPER" at the top of each sleeve will keep them firmly in place. Our thin skin protection sleeves are truly built to last. Don't let thinning skin keep you from enjoying the activities you love. Grab a pair of SKIN GUARDS today and start covering up those cuts and bruises!

Skin thinning from steroid cream

skin thinning from steroid cream


skin thinning from steroid creamskin thinning from steroid creamskin thinning from steroid creamskin thinning from steroid creamskin thinning from steroid cream