Steroid cream for hives

Molecules from one group differ sufficiently from other groups to explain the lack of cross-reactions among groups A, B & D. However, Budesonide which belongs to Group B is well known to cross-react with Group D steroids . Therefore, Budesonide is a marker for Group B and some of Group D steroids, like hydrocortisone butyrate (locoid). Molecular structure is not the whole story since cross-reaction patterns differ from patient to patient. Also, because of metabolism and degradation, several different molecules can be formed, resulting from reactions from the degradation product and not the parent compound. Because of the difficulty of predicting cross reactions, when hypersensitivity to one steroid is demonstrated all the steroids available in New Zealand should be tested, in order to recommend a valid alternative.

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Steroid cream for hives

steroid cream for hives


steroid cream for hivessteroid cream for hivessteroid cream for hivessteroid cream for hivessteroid cream for hives