Steroid nose spray post nasal drip

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I am having problems with a rotten egg/meat smell. Started 6 months ago around time I had an abscess in upper tooth from failed root canal. Got tooth removed & thought problem would resolve but it didn’t. The smell comes from mouth & nose but way more often from my nose when breathing-and the smell fills up an entire room at home & work & everyone can smell it, so embarrassing! I’ve been back to dentist to confirm all was removed, been to doctor, and 2 different ENT doctors….I’ve been treated for Thrush (just incase), Silent Reflux (until esophogram confirmed no reflux is present), been given 30 days of Augmentin & I also added oil of oregano as part of my treatment to try. The only thing that gives temporary relief seems to be the Augmentin. Problem is after finishing it a couple days later problem slowly returns. Along with the smell I have a thin white coating on tongue & feeling of bad tasting thick post nasal drip-but it’s clear in color. For the last couple weeks the smell seems to be worse when I’m outdoors & especially if it’s hot/humid out. Adenoids is my next guess?? Any ideas on what this could be would really be helpful!!

Care of rhinoplasty surgery is actually pretty easy. It generally does not hurt like what you're afraid of. It feels more like a stuffy swelling or sinus congestion. The key to care is .... elevation and ice. Ice, ice, and more ice. The more you ice down the less bruising and swelling you will have. Elevate your head to reduce swelling too. I also am a believer in sing Arnica Montana. This is a homeopathic preparation that seemss to really help reduce bruising and swelling. Above all ele though, always listen to your own surgeon nd you should do just fine.

Steroid nose spray post nasal drip

steroid nose spray post nasal drip


steroid nose spray post nasal dripsteroid nose spray post nasal dripsteroid nose spray post nasal dripsteroid nose spray post nasal dripsteroid nose spray post nasal drip