Steroid treatment crohn's disease

Although not everyone with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis will experience IBD-related eye conditions, a regular examination by an ophthalmologist is very important. Early detection of eye problems generally results in successful treatment and preservation of healthy vision. The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America provides information for educational purposes only. We encourage you to review this educational material with your health care professional. The Foundation does not provide medical or other health care opinions or services. The inclusion of another organization’s resources or referral to another organization does not represent an endorsement of a particular individual, group, company or product.

Steroid nasal sprays rarely cause side-effects. This is because they are applied directly to the nose and very little of this medicine is absorbed into the body. Therefore, they are much less likely to cause side-effects in other parts of the body. Occasionally, they cause dryness, crusting, and bleeding of the nose. If this occurs, stop it for a few days and then restart. There have been reports of nasal steroids possibly having an effect on behaviour, particularly in children. This is thought to be rare. However, a few people have reported hyperactivity, problems sleeping, anxiety, depression, and aggression.

People with this risk are usually advised to have their large intestine routinely checked after having had Crohn's disease for about ten years. This involves a look into the large intestine by a flexible telescope (colonoscopy) every now and then and taking small samples of bowel (biopsies) for examination. It is usually combined with chromoscopy - the use of dye spray which shows up suspicious changes more easily. Depending on the findings of this test and on other factors, you will be put into a risk category which is called low, intermediate or high. 'Other factors' include:

Steroid treatment crohn's disease

steroid treatment crohn's disease


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