Subacromial impingement steroid injection

You will be seen back in the office within a day or two of your surgical procedure.  At that time the dressing will be removed and the incisions will be covered with "band-aids".  You will be given a prescription to start physical therapy.  As in the non-operative management of subacromial impingement syndrome, physical therapy is the mainstay of treatment to achieve as complete a recovery as possible.  Patients should not be discouraged if the pre-operative pain does not improve right away.  The symptoms may take up to three months to resolve, at which time the full benefits of surgery are noted.  However, the majority of patients see a dramatic and rapid improvement of their symptoms soon after surgery.

Your surgeon will look into the area called the subacromial space within your shoulder. This will be either directly through the arthroscope, or at pictures sent from the arthroscope to a monitor. They’ll insert specially designed surgical instruments through the small cuts and reshape this part of your shoulder blade. Your surgeon may also decide to repair any damaged tendons at the same time. This may mean your surgeon has to change from keyhole surgery to an open operation and will make a larger cut in your shoulder. See our FAQ on arthroscopy or open surgery below for more information.

Individuals with impingement syndrome are people who engage in repeated overhead movements.  These movements can result in a  Repetitive Motion Injury  (RMI).  An RMI occurs when a forceful action is repeated day after day without resting.  Some recreational activities which may lead to an RMI include tennis, swimming, softball and other throwing and racquet sports.  In the workplace, painting, carpentry, and construction work may be the cause.  Finally, after years of just normal use, the older individual may develop an impingement syndrome.

Subacromial impingement steroid injection

subacromial impingement steroid injection


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