Transtympanic steroid therapy

Update Silverstein MicroWick – dexamethasone
Preserve / restore hearing and eliminate or reduce symptoms associated with illness
Procedure performed on 7/17
In hospital by 11 am out by 5 pm
Felt good coming out of surgery no associated pain
or symptoms
Continued to fell good and recovery progressed positive
On Saturday felt well enough to accept invite to local river. Enjoyed time with family
Sunday attended church but left early due to feeling extremely fatigued, dizziness and nauseous.
Slept the remaining of the day and continued to sleep off and on until Tuesday morning. Waking for small meals and medication. Tuesday I reached out to doctors office. Advised to continue dexamethasone drops and Diphenidol. Wednesday I started to feel recovered and my appetite had returned. I continued to feel recovered. Thursday, by mid afternoon all the symptoms that had subsided had returned and I was back in bed.
I live in San Antonio Texas and the storm had made its way to town. So now I question if I’m struggling with symptoms because of the procedure or the change in weather.
Can anyone offer any to do’s if it’s weather related ?
Or procedure related ?

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Transtympanic steroid therapy

transtympanic steroid therapy


transtympanic steroid therapytranstympanic steroid therapytranstympanic steroid therapy