What happens if a fat guy takes steroids

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While I appreciate the article and do believe that many people make excuses about why they have weight, I have to share that because of that sort of advice, my thyroid issue went undiagnosed for years. And guess what happened when my thyroid was regulated? I dropped 26 pounds! I didn’t change a thing in terms of calories or exercise. I did the same thing with a regulated thyroid gland. Oh, and that is NOT a rare thing. It is extremely common. I’m an advocate now for having women get their thyroid tested and not from a doctor who only looks at TSH (it’s not enough–symptoms must be treated!) I’d say half of them also mentioned having low thyroid symptoms or mentioned they are receiving thyroid hormone replacement. Also, other hormones must be in balance for weight to be regulated. To the author: Please be careful with your casual, non-medical advice. That sort of advice cost me years of feeling sick and being obese!

Raul Quintero spoke to me about what happens when the search for that feeling of being appreciated for your size can go to extremes. Quintero spent a few months in gainer and feeder culture, where men worship men with big bellies, and some go to extremes to gain weight. Quintero has seen videos of men eating lard and funneling gallons of milk into their partners' guts — because of a sexual attraction to bellies. Quintero, who is now on a fitness journey but used to weight about 270 pounds, told  Mic  that he went on these gainer-feeder sites in search of potential dates, but decided it wasn't for him.

What happens if a fat guy takes steroids

what happens if a fat guy takes steroids


what happens if a fat guy takes steroidswhat happens if a fat guy takes steroidswhat happens if a fat guy takes steroidswhat happens if a fat guy takes steroidswhat happens if a fat guy takes steroids